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Many teachers, children and parents are feeling mounting anxiety over the approach of a new school year. From hectic mornings to last-minute projects, it can be tough on us all, causing intense stress and anxiety. Here are four ways you can lessen stress:

School Routine

Try to keep to your school routine especially for the last couple of weeks, curb those late nights.

A good rest can help everyone deal with stress better.

Trial Run

Especially for your first day, first year at school or even returning pupils and staff, a practise run of the journey and a visit to school will make the ‘real first day’ less daunting.

Get Ready

Back to school shopping may help everyone get excited for the new school year. New stationary, backpack and clothes, can add to the excitement, however if shopping isn’t your thing make this aspect as quick and easy as possible with the internet!

Once you have all the new equipment, prepare. Get your routine ready the night before. It’s good practice to know shoes are by the door and the bag is packed. It will help everyone get out of the door with less hassle.

Talk to One Another

One of the best ways to relieve back to school anxiety and prepare for the coming year is to simply talk about how you are feeling. First day nerves are normal and talking through the concerns may help alleviate the stress.

Good luck everyone, before you know it half term will be here!


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