Some helpful advice during the winter season

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As the colder weather is upon us, we thought it prudent to remind everyone of the snow procedures (and a few good practice reminders!)


Safeguarding & Compliance:


It is essential to present your photographic ID and DBS certificate to all schools upon arriving. You need to have these items on you whether you have been to the school the day or week before, it is a requirement to meet Safeguarding (some schools might not ask to see the documents but you do need to have these on you at all times).


Good Practice:


If you are receptive to on call work (where we call you in the morning for work that day) we advise that you are up and ready to leave as early as possible! We start receiving bookings from 7am and continue to have work until much later in the morning (we get calls as late as 10am!)


We will always give a reasonable estimate on your arrival time, but urge you to notify us of any delays. Keeping the school up to date is incredibly important for us to ensure we manage their expectations. Ultimately satisfied customers create more work!


Please check your mobile phones during break and lunchtimes as we have started to get busy so may be texting you to offer work for future days.


Weather warning:


We wanted to advise you our policy and procedure in the event of any snow:


If you are able to travel without endangering yourself but want to check the school you are due at is open;


  • First and foremost check the school website for any snow related bulletins
  • Listen to your local radio station as they regularly update school closures (Heart & KMFM usually notify all closures in the Kent area)


If you are unable to get to your school and it is open, call us as soon as possible on 0345 130 3338.


For teachers on longer term placements, you must also follow your own schools guidance.

Please be aware during severe weather we experience high levels of calls during 7am & 9am, so please do not call unnecessarily.

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